Show and Tell Sessions

The future of recording in Children’s Services

FutureGov is helping Children’s Services across all three boroughs to design systems for the future that are transparent, intuitive and support our focus on practice.

Focus User Testing
These are 1:1 sessions for users and families guiding them through the system, which allows users to play around with some of the prototypes & concepts that have been designed to date. Getting user feedback on usability & concept design at this stage is very important. Upcoming sessions will be held during the month of April. If you are interested please contact Amy Buckley at

Show and Tell Sessions
Children’s Services has been busy telling FutureGov about its work with children, young people and families and thinking about the tools and information needed to support that work. This work has been presented at a number of show and tell sessions led by various members of the team.

To date the following Show & Tells have been held across the three boroughs:

February, Hammersmith Town Hall
Early Help, Safeguarding

March, Frampton Street
MASH, Early Help, Looked After Children and Leaving Care, Child Protection Team, Disabled Children’s Team, Safeguarding

March, Malton Road
Children Services ICT, Early Help, Early Years Looked After Children and Leaving Care, Disabled Children’s Team, Safeguarding